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Caring for your antique clock

Caring for the case

  • If you have a mahogany, oak, walnut, satinwood or ebony case, then all that is basically needed is a gentle dust when performing normal household chores.
  • Every few months use a good beeswax and turpentine furniture wax, not a modern aerosol furniture polish, very sparingly.
  • Rub into the case until it virtually disappears, then leave for approximately thirty minutes then buff quickly and lightly with a soft cloth.
  • All brass work on our clocks has been cleaned and lacquered and therefore will not tarnish to a great degree.

 Servicing and Oiling

  • All clocks that we sell are fully cleaned and overhauled by an expert clockmaker and come with a two year mechanical guarantee.
  • Depending on the environment it is kept in a longcase clock will need oiling approximately every five to ten years and a full overhaul every fifteen to twenty years.
  • The clock should be oiled only at certain points on the movement, with a high quality clock grade oil.
  • Your clock is a handmade piece of precision engineering, if you look after it well it will give good service for many years to come.

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