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Latest additions and news

Our latest stock of clocks and high quality furniture / decorative items can be viewed on www.storyclocks.co.uk - www.sellingantiques.co.uk - www.loveantiques.com - www.antiques-atlas.com

Latest addition to the website - A fine quality mahogany domestic regulator by John & Miles Brockbank of London c.1790.
Well documented makers - John & Miles Brockbank, their life and work, Antiquarian Horology, Volume 36, No. 4 (December 2015), pp. 502520 - A.D. Stewart.

Now Restored and on the website

*    John Agar of York, oak longcase clock c.1780.
*    Bryson of Edinburgh, mahogany Regency drumhead longcase clock.
*    Bateman of London, Georgian flame mahogany longcase clock c.1800.
*    Harrison of Ormskirk, finest quality Lancashire cased Georgian painted dial longcase clock c.1800.
*    William Peacock of York, high quality movement Georgian longcase clock c.1780.
*    Thomas Lawson of Keighley - interesting Georgian 30 hour longcase clock with "Halifax" moonphase.
*    Burr walnut Lenzkirch bracket clock ting tang striking - One of the best models they made in their high quality range.
*    Rare yacht marine chronometer / deck watch made by Ulysee Nardin, Circa 1935.

In Restoration

*    Fine quality burr walnut case observatory regulator by Baron Hill of Crewe - will be on the website in the next few weeks.
*    Viennese floor standing grande sonnerie striking regulator clock with a superb pendulum by Anton Rapf in wien c.1910.
*    Fine qulaity shop regulator by Lenzkirch with a massive pendulum and a jewelled regulator movement, sweep centre seconds.

*    Several Georgian 8 day longcase clocks;
      James Scott of Leith, circa 1790 - Fine quality 8 day Edinburgh cased painted dial clock
      James Love of Edinburgh, circa 1800 - Fine quality 8 day Edinburgh cased painted dial clock
      Richard Chater of London - Finest quality Georgian longcase clock, styled with Egyptian influence
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